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Development Services and Options

We started out performing software development for small business clients nearly 20 years ago.  Now 20 years later we are still performing software development but on a much larger scale.  Whether you need to automate your billing system or trade purchase orders automatically with your supplier chances are we've already done something very similar.  We can work within your existing framework or build complete custom solutions using industrial strength and proven framework technologies.

Conversion projects, database optimization, security improvements, complex PL/SQL implements, we've done it all.  Experts in PL/SQL and Oracle Forms and Reports, we know Oracle technology inside and out.  Most of our large scale conversions can be completed in as little as twelve weeks from planning through acceptance test.  All of our work includes complete and professional documentation and instructions.

We use JAD methodolgies where possible to design and plan the application project using faciliation skills honed by years of training and hands-on experience. We don't just build an application, we build a solution.

Examples of Development Projects

We've worked on many, many large scale implementations and integration projects.  This list is but a small sample of the type of projects we are typically involved in.  Our areas of expertise can be further refined to document management, distribution and inventory, financial management, transaction control with live data feed, data coordination and synchronization.  The typical volume we deal with is millions of transactions per day in large multi-terrabyte size transactional databases implementations.

Financial Management Implementations of purely automated transactions is one of the most requested areas of effort.  We have built systems that fully automate the invoicing and billing elements for various large organizations.  Full automation between supplier and reseller or consumer with options for automating transactions based on delivery criteria and other algorithms is largely where we started.

Inventory Management Full integration automation down to automated scanning of packages, content tracking, and shipping lane selection.  Using complex rule based AI decision tree implements we have built systems that route millions of dollars of product per day.  We have a strong background in inventory management and can relate to your needs quickly and easily build systems that will help your personnel process deliver needs with ease.

SalesOne of the system designs we engineered allowed for literally millions of prices to be automatically generated from as little as 200 entries.  These prices were custom allocated and refined for specific customer classes and organizations based on a proven and measurable sales margin and closure history.  The system allowed the client to acheive a very high win rate without the expense of dozens of pricing analysts.

Data Feed Automation Some of our solutions have processed raw data input from mechanical sources coordinated over multiple database technologies and coerced into a common format for the hardware vendor maintenance programs.  These raw data feeds could exceed a million transactions per hour and were designed to be fault tolerant and recoverable in case of unanticipated outages.

Oracle Forms and Reports We have built, managed or converted literally thousands of Oracle Forms products.  Our expertise in Forms and Reports can trace it's roots back to Forms 2.0 for Unix when the product was used in terminal environments.  We have steadily been working on Forms projects and have moved hundreds of forms from 4.x to 9i or greater with as few as one developer and within two months.

Enterprise Web Applications Vertical web applications are the current wave of the future and we are right there with it.  While we do not chase every technology development, we do standardize on the key technology and frameworks such as J2EE, Struts, JSF, and so on.  We strictly keep with Java and Java related technologies tied tightly with Oracle database back-end products. Our expertise with Oracle allows us to build very secure and highly tuned web application implements.

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