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Administrative Services and Options

Either you need help maintaining your server or applications or you don't want to be bothered with having to maintain your server or applications.  Too often proactive maintenance is overlooked and administrators only become important when something fails.  We offer proactive administration that prevents potential outages and shortens the time of the outage if they happen to occur.  Our tools and maintenance options allow us to remotely monitor and predict when problems will occur in the future if no action is taken.

We can monitor applications, data growth, project trends in usage, help you understand your client base, analyze usage patterns and more.  Combined with strong security options, we can remotely monitor your site and databases and either maintain the systems for you completely or work as part of your team.

If you want a database driven web application but don't want the expense of full-time administrators, equipment, and software licenses, we can handle all aspects for you.  You can supply the developers and we will watch over the source code, maintain revision control, track bugs, and perform the backup for their work.  In short, we can offload as much or as little as you desire.

The cost of operation is typically 30-50% less than hiring your own dedicated staff for the same purpose.  Combined with a reduction in utilitarian software license charges the total savings can often range up to 75% less than your current expense for administration.  We can staff as many certified administrators to watch over your databases as you desire as either a participant in a pool of administrators or with dedicated personnel for your systems.

Examples of Administrative Services

This is only a partial list of some of the typical administrative functions we have provided over the last 20 years to our clients.

Database Administration We act as either one of your Database Administrators (DBA) or as your DBA source.  We can supply a team of DBA's if desired or work remotely to maintain your database and implement your backup strategy.

Database Monitoring We watch your database for you and analyze the usage patterns on a regular basis.  We can either report potential issues well in advance or take corrective actions ourselves.  For example, we can predict various performance problems such as too many chained rows or pinpoint potential future extent failure due to improper sizing.

Application Server Monitoring We can trace our web knowledge back to the days before their was a public internet and the DOD controlled the 'net'.  Our knowledge of the Oracle Application Server spans from the very first version to the current implementatiion of 10g.  Not only that, we have extensive Oracle Forms and Reports experience and have developed techniques for monitoring and recovering automatically from intermittent issues surrounding those technologies.

System Administration We can work hand in hand with your existing system administration staff or step in to handle discreet tasks such as RMAN maintenance for backup of the databases.  Our system knowleges covers all major OS revisions dating from original DEC VMS files systems to the current range of Unix and Windows platforms.

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