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About the Documentation Library

This page is the index to the various sources of documentation available on this site.  It contains general articles as well as technical reference material.  All of the material is presented in web page format, however several of the files may also be downloaded and viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader or your favorite PDF viewer.

You may freely link to this documentation provided you post a note regarding the origin of the documentation.

Java Database Library Javadoc This is the technical reference material for the application programming interface for the MicroDeveloper Java Database Library.  These documents assume familiarity with javadocs.

Oracle Quick Docs This index points to commonly accessed Oracle documentation available from the Oracle Technology Network (otn).  It is used with permission as a shortcut for our clients.  Our index allows the user to jump between different database versions much easier than navigating the Oracle documentation tree.  You must have an OTN account to access the Oracle docs.

Java Coding Standards This document reflects the Java language coding standards presented in the Java Language Specification, from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Major contributions are from Peter King, Patrick Naughton, Mike DeMoney, Jonni Kanerva, Kathy Walrath, and Scott Hommel.

This document is maintained by Scott Hommel. Comments should be sent to shommel@eng.sun.com

Oracle Coding Standards This document suggests design and coding standards that have evolved over the years from contributions of many Oracle software developers and database designers.  While there are many documents regarding proper code formatting and practices, there are very few that encompass the entire range of standards from design through implementation practices, such as Oracle has done.

White Papers These are how-to type documents aimed at providing step by step instructions for specific topics.  As we resolve some often thorny issues, occasionally we may draw up a document that details how to solve a particular problem or how to avoid them.  The content on this page will be revised or removed as improvements are made and new methods make old ones obsolete.


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