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About Us

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Building Custom Solutions Since 1987

What started as custom built applications for small businesses in 1987 has grown to enterprise class solutions thanks to the many customers who sought MicroDeveloper for their IT needs!  We take pride in providing our clients with highly qualified professionals that provide not only the best solution for their present needs but the right solution that will handle their future needs.

We have been building applications since the time when eight inch floppy disks and 16K of RAM were considered state of the art.  We have used and followed the trends of emerging technologies, methodologies, and frameworks allowing us to accurately make projections for long term planning.

About Our Company History

The founders of MicroDeveloper got their start selling the first PCs and Macs in the early 80's, and, as a service to their customers, they would put together small custom applications that the newly emerging market of desktop systems did not yet provide.  Established formally as a company in 1987, the founders continued to serve their customers' custom application need.  By the mid 90's, MicroDeveloper's customer base grew to include Fortune 500 companies, and in 1997, MicroDeveloper was incorporated as a woman-owned business that offered full service IT consulting.  In 2000, MDI decided to focus its business specialty on Oracle-based systems.  Located in the DC Metro area, MicroDeveloper, Inc. continues to provide top-notch IT consulting.

Plan for Today, Build for Tomorrow

We are a visionary consulting firm that looks at the way your company is doing business today and assesses your business needs for tomorrow.  Our work ethic combined with our skill sets, experience, and our personalized involvement is what makes MDi stand out from other consulting companies.  We want do the job the right way for today as well as for tomorrow.  As your consultant, we at MDi feel it is our duty to provide you with the insight, analysis, and expertise that only 20 years in the business can provide.  We can help you determine your needs from project planning through recommending the best and most secure way to implement an out-sourced data managment solution.  Because our experience is in the entire project lifecycle, we can offer assistance for any of those points in your project lifecycle.

About Our Technology Focus

We are partnered with some of the very best in IT such as Apple, Microsoft , and Oracle.  For more than the last decade we have focused on Oracle development and technology.  Why Oracle?  Our years of experience with numerous databases, such as Ingres, Informix, Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL, and others, has led us to determine that one database technology stands out from the others for reliability and features - Oracle.  The database products produced by Oracle are virtually bullet-proof when properly implemented.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and insist on using the best database technology for those solutions.  MDi believes investing in the best is the only way to serve our customers our best, and so we focus our database technologies on Oracle-based systems.

Why Choose MicroDeveloper?

To answer this let's use a simple internal development scenario as an example.  A typical IT scenario is this: someone meets with an internal customer who says they need a program to solve some problem, and it must have these elements.   A developer is sent off to build that program with those elements.  Just prior to the first demo, the internal customer reveals some critical piece of information they did not previously disclose.  You go back to the developer and tell the developer to change the program accordingly who, in turn, has to rewrite large chunks of code.  Because time is of the essence, 'quick fixes' are hard-wired to accomodate the need.  This cycle continues until both you and the customer are tired and frustrated and decide that what you have will work 'more or less'.  Typically, neither you nor the customer is all that happy with the result.

We don't work that way.  Our philosophy at MDi is that extensive planning and preparation up front saves us immeasurable time down-stream when and if we actually need to create a program.  More often than not, after we complete the requirements gathering and business process analysis, we find that alterations in a business process often eliminate the need for new programs altogether.  When a program is required, our requirement gathering methodologies make it virtually impossible to miss some critical element.  This analysis not only solves this requirement gathering issue but lays the blueprint for a very specific solution not just in the application but the entire picture that includes the changes necessary, if any, to the business process that supports it.

Granted, this is just one possible scenario for an internal development effort, but it reflects our general principal that we are here to help you analyze your needs and determine the best, least costly, and longest lasting solution for them.  A simple developer will not have that same point of view or experience to implement our proven processes.  We care about measurable efficiency and accuracy as it pertains to your needs and goals for your company, because your success is our success.

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