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Java Database Library

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About the Library

The Java Database Library is a series of Java classes used for rapid Java database development.  It has been extended over the years and steadily enhanced with additional classes and capabilities.  While termed as a 'database' library, in effect it has many utilitarian capabilities outside of the primary database focus.

The current version is v1.7.4

Primary Library Features

As Oracle developers, we are primarily concerned with ease of use and secure database access.  As such, the Library is modeled after the Oracle thick paradigm, although it is not restricted to the OCI implementation and in fact, uses the thin client implementation by default.

Simple ConnectionsEssentially, it uses a TNSNAMES type implementation whereby database connections are registered and accessed via simple calls.  Typically, this will create the connection and return the connection object which is much cleaner and simpler to use than the traditional JDBC connection methods.  The library supports not only direct JDBC connections but also JNDI connection pooling.  An example of establishing a pooled connection would be as simple as this code:

ConnectionPool db = new ConnectionPool("orcl");

Connections can also be defined with explicit users rather than relying on the defined user account for the connection (if any).  All stored connection parameters use DES encryption so no password is visible even from the file system where the classes and server processes reside.

Simple Data Access Beyond the connections we have also developed generic methods and classes for more easily implementing JSP dynamic data driven pages through one call classes.  These classes fully support all aspects of the traditional approach and add many more. Effectively, they allow for simple one line constructs for establishing RecordSets.  An example usage to establish a SQL RecordSet is as simple as:

query(db.getConnection(), myQuery);

Using this model, SQL can be kept in include files and delivered to the Java developer as simple copy and paste statements.  The classes also contain fixes for JDBC classes that are only partially implemented by the vendor.  Some classes such as OracleClob, provide simple constructs for coercing the objects into more manageable constructs.

Robust Utilities Beyond the database, the Library also provides extensive utility packages for complex, yet simple to use, text and date manipulation.  We provide classes for Gregorian, Julian, Epoch, and standard date manipulation, for example.  Need the current date?  Just use EDate.getSysDate() to get a formatted date for your locale in the default Oracle date format.

Cross Platform While our focus is on Oracle, we also make sure that these classes work with MySQL.  PostgreSQL testing is in the works, but it should work also as should any thin JDBC database driver.  The JAR is tested compatible with JDK 1.4.2 and 1.5.0 on any platform.  We have tested it under RedHat Linux 4.0 ES, Mac OS X 10.4, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 and 2003 Server.  We have tested it with Tomcat 5.0 and 5.5 exclusively.

Package and Licensing

The java database library license is paired with each release and the number of servers on which it will be run.  The library cannot be downloaded and is only available to registered customers.

Package Features The following outlines what is included with the Java Database Library package:

  • Perpetual license
  • Optional source code
  • Complete manual
  • Telephone and E-mail support options
  • Critical defect patches and diagnostic support
  • CD with supporting examples and sample implementations
  • Includes source code for implementation examples
  • Includes examples for optimal access methods

Licensing Fees The commercial license fees are quoted per server and are also dependent upon the desired support level.  Support agreements can extend from simple E-mail to on-call 24x7 support contracts.  Please contact sales@microdeveloper.com for more information.

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