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Options for Contacting MicroDeveloper

We take pride in serving our customer base and being responsive to your needs.  Please select from one of the following that best match the subject with which you require assistance.

Sales For sales of commercial products or licenses, quotes for services, questions related to support agreements, questions related to product warranties, or questions about product or hard copy manual replacements please contact sales@microdeveloper.com.

Licenses For questions concerning licensing of our commercial or free trial software please contact licenses@microdeveloper.com.

Product Security For all questions concerning the validity of downloads or problems or concerns about the security used in our products or services contact product-security@microdeveloper.com

Support For support for one of our products or services or for general support questions without a support contract, please contact support@microdeveloper.com.

Site Feedback If you find a broken link or other problem within or related to this website or are experiencing any incompatibility or usage problem, please send your feedback to the siteadmin@microdeveloper.com.

General FeedbackIf you have any general comments or issues, please contact feedback@microdeveloper.com.

Main Office Our main office hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.  Customers with support agreements should refer to the terms of the agreement for contact options and availability.

Mailing ListsIf you are on a notification list and wish to be removed, please send a note to remove-mail@microdeveloper.com.  Parents or guardians who suspect that a minor has signed up for correspondence from use should similarly use the aforementioned e-mail address.  Please see our privacy policy for more details.

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